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Pflueger 1195X Automatic Fly Reels (Up to 8 Fly Line)


vintage Shakespeare 1837 silent Tru-Art automatic fly fishing reel

Vintage Shakespeare Tru-Art Silent Automatic Fly Fishing Reel No.1835 Model GD in ORIGINAL BOX and pamphlet “Care of you Shakespeare Automatic Trout Reel” is included.

The automatic fly fishing reels you will see most oftentoday are the Martin and the Pflueger. They have a historic status similar to awicker creel. You may be able to find a nice one cheaper than what you will payfor a fly line. You may even be able to find one at a garage sale.

about Vintage Green H-1 Utica NY Automatic Fly Casting Fishing Reel

Martin Fly Reel 8E automatic with box
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Shakespeare Silent Tru Art Automatic Fly Fishing Reel NO 1837 Model GB USA
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Vintage Martin Automatic Fly Fishing Reel No. 2 PAT. by j3decor