Dreaming of a Bamboo Fly fishing Rod

Bamboo Fly Rod 7'0" for #4 Line Wt,2 Piece with 2 Tips.


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This rod both practical value, but also the value of collections,it is made by high-grade natural bamboo,we can produce the size for you ,the rod body is high strength , Imported maple reel seat , Just as extraordinary

You can order a sample at first and ,we can adjust the size,colors and so on uhtil you are satisfied
Here as follow are bamboo rods we have

Bamboo fly fishing rods used to be pretty steep in price, but now you can find high quality discount bamboo rods. It's also possible to learn how to build one yourself--if you've got a hundred hours or so to spare.

Lot # : 45 - Vintage Vicki Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod with Flies

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Wholesale Products Chinese Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod
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Vintage Bamboo Hexagonal Fly Fishing Rod

Another great feature of bamboo fly fishing rods is that while they're very strong and stiff they also have superior flexibility while being lightweight. They can really make a difference in the cast of someone who likes to get a lot of snappy action in when they put their fly out there on the water. Weightings vary but the typical bamboo rod is in the 4 to 8 range.

Bamboo fly fishing rods often take over 100 hours to make, from wood selection to harvesting it, to the handcrafting process itself. A bamboo rod is typically at least 8 feet long (although there are some in the 6' to 7.5' range) and these rods usually come in two or three pieces to make it easier to carry them. It isn't easy having 8 to 13 feet of wood sticking out when you're trying to board a bus or plane!