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What did the early writers and fly anglers know? You'll be surprised on what they knew and howadvanced their techniques, methods, observations and fly tying abilitites were! My friend Lefty Kreh once told methat there's really not that much new in fly fishing...it just gets recycled! After you read a few of thesebooks you'll find that to be true. The texts are from the 1600's to the early 1950's. Most of them are fly fishingbooks but I've also thrown in a few old entomology texts (with great color plates) and some general books on Salmonand Trout culture as well as the classics like Henshall's Black Bass Fishing. I acutally lied in the promo forthese books because there are more than 200 hundred books all in PDF (Acrobat Reader) on this DVD. I've alsoincluded 6 new Windows Fishing and Outdoor Screensavers. Notice you are getting both of the Classic Works bySkues: Minor Tactics on a Trout Stream and The Way of a Trout with a Fly. This DVD also includes The PracticalAngler by Stewart. This book is considered by many as one of the best wet fly fishing books ever written. Also, Ihave included the classic by Halford, Floating Flies which is the original work that started it all for Dry FlyFishing. Here are some other titles on this DVD:

Fly fishing is one of the top outdoor activities loved by many people. A lot of people tried to show their love for fly fishing via different ways. Some wrote books; some made videos, some made tutorials and more. Today we are here to share some of the best fly fishing books.

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This is one of the best fly fishing books for both beginners and expert fly fishers. The Lyon Press and several fly fishing expert brought this book into life. You will know general fly fishing, fly casting, fly fishing basics, and mores. They showed detailed in-depth analysis of fly fishing. It also discusses on fly tying, types of flies, fly patterns and more.

I will continue to add more amazing fly fishing books in this list. Meanwhile you can share your favorite best fly fishing books in the comments section below.