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As you can see from this site I am obsessed fishing for salmon and steelhead on the Salmon River. I may be a newbie and not the best fisherman but my enthusiasm is overflowing and contagious. Every time I talk about fishing on the Salmon River I speak of it as a new found religion. Because of this lots of my friends and acquaintances want to go fishing with me. Unfortunately, they know less than I do and none of them have equipment. I looked around for a decent fly fishing outfit and I found the Cabelas Cahill Fly Fishing Outfit in 9Ft 8wt 4 piece and a matching fly reel with backing, fly line and tapered leader.

The Cabelas Cahill Fly Fishing Outfit costs $59.00 and on sale I was able to purchase it for $39.00. It had decent reviews and for a fly fishing combo for my friends it was the perfect price. Knowing that your first time out you could do damage to your equipment I just thought it would be great because at $39.00 if it broke or got lost it would not be able a big deal.

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