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Key West Fly and Spin Fishing ChartersFishing Report for May 2013: The Large Migratory Tarpon are here and have been biting good when conditions are good and the presentation of thefly, bait, or lure is to their liking. We've been catching Permit on the flatswith fly gear when conditions are ideal. Sharks, Jacks, and Barracudas havebeen providing some good alternatives to the big three for some of our clients who want to just bend the rod. The best thing about the key fishing isthat there is always something to tug on your line and provide some action for our clients no matterwhat their skill level is. Give us a call to get in on the fishing action here in the beautiful Lower Keys and Key West.
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I was hanging out with one of my friends the other day, and they asked me how I spend my time since I’m often not out at parties, but instead off by myself on a river. This lead me to a conversation about my passion, fly fishing. As I was talking with my friend, he didn’t even know the difference between the two sports- fly fishing and spin fishing. I realized that I frequently have to explain to people the difference between the two as most people equate the two when in reality, they are worlds apart.

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