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Fly fishing chest packs have roots in the traditional, compartmentalized metal chest boxes old-timers used to wear on classic Pennsylvania trout streams. I’ve fished with Penn State trout guru Joe Humphreys a few times and he used one. I’m not sure if anyone is even still making them. They are big, heavy and get in the way and despite the history behind them, I’ll take a pass on gouging my chin open or collapsing a lung when I inevitably slip on a rock and fall.

Caddis Fly Shop staff fish with and highly recommend Fishpond bags, fly fishing chest packs, hip packs, backpacks, and messenger bags. Fishpond has carved out a well-earned reputation and a solid corner of the fly fishing specialty-product market.

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The best fly fishing chest pack to use from a belly boat or drift boat because the ergonomic mesh shoulder harness system keeps the pack close to your chest while you are fly fishing in the boat or out. This chest pack has a front section that drops down to hold your fly box. The central divider attaches in up or down position with hook-and-loop patches. Includes removable water resistant clear accessory pouch. Can be attached to a wading belt.

9"H x 6½"W x 2"D.
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Our pro-staff now includes youngsters who began fly fishing in an era when the Fly Fishing Chest pack and the Fly Fishing Hip pack were already well established. These young men and women bring innovation and new perspectives to our thinking and to our fishing skill sets and make us smarter and stronger because of their youth and clear thinking.

Multiple packets on the Polyester Fly Fishing Chest Pack to store stuff and a Fly Patch in the front pocket. If you want to keep it simple and light then this is a good option.