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here is no shortage of fly fishing gear in the market today. Indeed, fly fishing’s increasing popularity has created an explosion of gear available over the past decade.

This explosion of fly fishing gear that is available, however, has a dark side. For anglers new to the sport, the sheer assortment of gear available, the fancy terminology that is frequently used and the often steep prices anglers have to pay for good gear has all conspired to make selecting the right fly fishing gear for your needs a rather difficult one.

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Fly Fishing Gear – Sportsman ’s Warehouse

You are more than welcome to bring and use your own fly fishing gear but if you would like to use that’s fine too! We provide top of the line St. Croix Elite fly rods and Sage 6000 fly reels. In a tough saltwater environment the elements and powerful fish can really take a toll on the equipment this is why I use only quality tackle My saltwater fly rods range from 7-10 weight depending on the species that we are fishing for. We will generally use the 7-8 weight rods for species such as redfish, sea trout and Spanish mackerel and the 9-10 weight rods for larger species such as cobia and jacks. I use quite a number of different fly pattens depending on the fish that we are targeting. For redfish we will be using various crab and baitfish patterns such as the deceiver, clouser and flats rat. For cobia and jacks I like to use large colorful deceivers and topwater patterns.

It's my hope that anyone who visits this section of Big Sky Fishing in search of fly fishing gear will come away with a good idea of what gear is needed and why.