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The Magnetic Net Release lets a fly fisher attach their net to the back of their vest to keep it out of the way while fly fishing, but once they need it, it pops off for easy access and use. Brilliant. Works great as a fly fishing gift stocking stuffer, too. It’s a fairly recent invention, so there are plenty of fly fishermen out there who don’t have one yet.

There’s nothing better than fishing in your shorts in a cool stream on a hot summer day — without bulky waders or big wading boots. Water shoes are great for going light, of course, but better yet, they’re great for slipping on after a long day in a pair of waders. Because they let water out, they also let your feet get some fresh air. The Adidas Hydroterra Shandal Shoe used to be the best, but Adidas stopped making them! Only a few sizes are left. As a runner up, the Salomon Techamphibian 3 is excellent, too, and makes a great fly fishing gift for anyone who likes hot summer days on the river.

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A good pair of wading boots makes fly fishing easier and safer — they provide support and traction, and they tend to hold up well under water by not losing their shape over time. Typically, wading boots are used with a pair of stocking foot waders so they are sized a bit large because the stocking (neoprene) foot of the waders takes up space. But wading boots are also great for hot-weather summertime fishing. In this case, a set of are the way to go. Get wading boots when your fly fisher has none or a really old pair. They also go great with a set of waders (the next best fly fishing gift, noted below). See also, .