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last time i visited the small town was about three lives ago, not having noticed neither the shop nor the little dust-riddled sign in the window stating fly fishing and tying tackle until today.
i hadn’t been planning on doing any shopping but you know, a fly shop is a fly shop and… ya just can’t walk by pretending you’re not hopelessly addicted and always seem to need something you probably already own but forgot about, and, and, and, of course, creaked the old door open, walked in, said bonjour and enquired about the fishy stuff.

A pleasing component of fly fishing is tying your own fly patterns. It is a past time that allows for varying degrees of artistic flare. It requires one to study insects and their behavior, to study the traditions of fly patterns around the world, to study the behavior of fish that consume insects, invertebrates, critters and other fish, to study the habitat, in which, fish and their food reside.

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What you won’t find here are pretty pictures videos with hundreds of quick cuts of other people catching big fish set to music. There is plenty of that out there already and while there isn’t anything wrong with it, it’s not what we do. All of our productions are focused on fly fishing and tying instruction, not adventure, and are hosted by the top professionals in the sport. They are experienced fly fishing instructors who have distinguished themselves as guides, lecturers, or authors in some aspect of fly fishing. Our top selling hosts, like , , and , are considered the premier practitioners of their fly fishing specialties.

FLY FISH TV started as a television series nearly twenty years ago, thus the name, and now makes feature-length fly fishing and tying videos hosted by top professionals. It is the angling knowledge of our video hosts that is the real substance of what you see here. Gene Hering Camas, Washington Gene is the producer and videographer of all the Fly Fish TV titles you see on the site. Because Gene has a photojournalism background the style of the Fly Fish TV is to put the information first. But because he is a fishermen and video-guy he is compelled to mix in a good amount of authentic angling action, scenery, and wildlife. Hering now resides in Camas, Washington where he produces the Fly Fish TV videos, as well as making marketing productions for the fly fishing industry. His partner and wife is Tucker and together they run Cascade Media Works, LLC.