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With this Fly Fishing for beginners site I aim to slowly walk the beginning fly fisher (and even the novice), one step at a time, through a quick and simple fly fishing for beginners course, learning the fly fishing basics and some of the equipment so they can make an informed decision before purchasing anything. Then we'll dig in to learn how to assemble the gear, the frequently used fly fishing knots, a little about trout behavior and the difference between the trout species and we'll even review some fly fishing etiquette.

I've attempted to organize this fly fishing for beginners site so that anglers can step through each of the links on the left of the page one at a time starting at the top and working their way down. Novices and the like, can pick and choose whatever area they'd like to gain more information on. This is in no way an exhaustive resource but I've attempted to give just enough information to get people started into this wonderful sport. I'm passionate about and love everything to do with fly fishing, from the way my heartbeat goes into overdrive when I spot that lunker, watching that beautiful, streamlined trout go airborne in an all out attempt to dislodge itself from my fly, to the honor and privilege of meeting other fly fishermen, who are always willing to assist a fellow angler.

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  • Fly Fishing - This website provides extensive fishing information, including an overview of fly fishing for the beginner.
  • Downstream Method - Learn how to fly fish using the "downstream method" on this web page.
  • Modern Fishing Methods for the Brown Trout - This website provides instructions for fly fishing for brown trout.
  • Trout Fishing Facts and Information - The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife explains how to fly fish for trout.
  • Fishing for Stream Trout - The New York State Department of Environment Conservation gives guidelines for how to fish for stream trout.
  • Fly Fishing for Beginners - Techniques - This web page provides a basic overview of fly fishing techniques.
  • Trout Fishing - Learn the equipment and methods required for fly fishing on this web page.
  • Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing - The National 4-H Sportfishing Program compiled this report that includes an overview of fly fishing methods.

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My goal is to use this fly fishing for beginners site to provide folks with a one stop site for trout fly fishing basics and fly tying information, a hatch chart for fly fishing the streams of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic states, fly fishing etiquette, fly fishing knots, resources and links to sites that sell top quality flies, fly rods, fly reels, fly tying supplies and materials, clothing and other gear.

Then once you've absorbed all of the pages of this website it will be time to take it to the next level. Many of my long time visitors have progressed beyond the rank of beginner so I want to help them as well. After nearly a year of deciphering notes from my early years, research, interviews and writing I have written an eBook entitled "Fly Fishing for Beginners - An Essential Guide for Every Fly Fishing Novice".