Salmon Fly Fishing belt buckle.

FishYo! Deluxe 1.5" Wading Belt-by BootYo! Best piece of fishing safety gear you can own! Fly fishing, surf casting, tons of uses.


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Unprepared for all of the festivities this past weekend, I had to get uber creative. With the help of Plum TV producer Dan Honan, I took a boring outfit that I had at the bottom of my suitcase and made it into quite the conversation piece. Witness the fly fishing lure belt...We spun yards of neon green fishing line and then threaded several of my top picks from Dan's tackle box around it to create a one of a kind specialty that got everyone talking. Dan had to cut off all of the hooks from the lures, making them useless,

Fly Fishing Belts and Buckles from Sterling Silver Gamefish Buckles to Colorful Woven Mayan Foolish Fish; We have a Belt or Buckle to Express your Adventurous Life Style.

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