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Fly Fishing for Bonefish


Chaos: Fly Fishing for Bonefish & Tarpon - The Tug

Most of you know that Louis and I recently spent a week in paradise fly fishing for bonefish in the Bahamas at Andros South Lodge. It was an amazing trip, providing me by far the best bonefishing of my life. I gained a wealth of...

for bonefish is an art. A swift strong accurate cast is needed here and a double haul may be necessary to get it there in a smart wind. Fly fishing for bonefish is a great way to hone ones skills needed to catch the holy grail of , Permit on the fly.

Fishing Photograph - Fly Fishing For Bonefish by Buddy Mays

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Whether we fish from the boat or wade the shallow waters of the tidal flats, flyfishing for bonefish in the Turks and Caicos is an exciting, unforgettable experience. Our guide is trained to ensure that it is also a safe and positive one. Fly-fishing for Bonefish in the Turks and Caicos can be exhilirating and frustrating – so it is worthwhile to have a full tackle audit in preparation.

We find that many of our first time guests at Andros South are under the assumption that fly fishing for bonefish is extremely difficult. There’s seems to be a perception that you have to be an expert caster to even THINK about fishing for bonefish.