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South Bend Slip Cast Spin Float (Pack of 12), 1-3/4-Inch


Fly & Bubble Rig For Lake Fishing

The best option is normally to cast your bubble out, allow all the ripples to dissipate, and slowly reel in the casting bubble with your fly in tow. This is an excellent trout fishing tip for any spin fisherman who doesn't want to get into the dog and pony show known as 'fly fishing'. The bottom line is that fly fishing bubbles enable traditional spin fishermen to use flies while fishing for trout or any other species of fish.

The type of fly that is employed below the bubble is entirely up to personal preference and what is going on that day. As a matter of fact fishing with a casting bubble and traditional spin fishing gear is an excellent way to learn more about the feeding behavior of trout. Many fly fishermen understand the trout's feeding behavior very well because they are constantly trying to match the insects that the trout are eating with the flies that they use. With the help of a fly fishing bubble, traditional spin fishermen can begin to do the same thing.

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  • 1 Casting Bubble - You get 1 high quality clear fly fishing bubble

  • Get started with fly fishing with the fly and bubble method!

    Both wet and dry flies can be used when using a fly fishing bubble. This is an excellent trout fishing tactic, especially when fishing in water that doesn't have a ton of current such as lakes or ponds and large pools on rivers. For added casting distance the bubble itself can be filled (or partially filled) with water. This added weight will give you added casting distance.

    Casting bubbles (which are many times referred to as ) have long been known as effective way to fish with artificial flies while using spin fishing gear and now you can get everything you need to fish with a casting bubble in one convenient package. Fishing with a fly fishing bubble is an incredible fishing tactic that is effective for many species of fish including; rainbow and brown trout, large and smallmouth bass, and any other species of fish that likes to eat insects. This kit (which we call the Casting Bubble Combo) even includes directions that will show you how to rig your casting bubble, leader, and artificial fly so that you can start catching fish right away. Not only this, but the kit also includes 2 patented flies that go by the name "Universal Fly" and are extremely effective trout flies. This casting bubble combo kit is a must have item for any serious spin fisherman who wants to add artificial flies to his or her fishing arsenal.