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Falvai, the 43-year-old designer, carpenter and entrepreneur who founded Allure Tackle in 2012, introduced a fly fishing advent calendar to his product line this year. And it quickly became a “golden egg,” with orders coming in from around the world.

Touted as the world’s first fly fishing advent calendar, this brilliant idea will be a hit with any angler on your gift list. Starting with door number one on December 1, the fun begins with a high-quality and waterproof fly box. Each subsequent day will reveal a hidden hand-tied freshwater fly. Come Christmas morning, the box will be filled with a great collection of flies guaranteed to catch fish! Now, what can get better than that?!

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    Day one of the Allure Fly Fishing Advent Calendar boasts an oversized door that reveals a waterproof, rigid plastic case to store the mix of wet and dry freshwater flies awaiting behind the next 23 doors.

    I’m not going to lie. I have a soft spot for those advent calendars filled with yummy chocolate treats. But this fly fishing advent calendar, produced by Allure Tackle, definitely takes the Christmas cake (at least, if you love to fish).