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California is a state known for many things – Hollywood, beaches, wine, national parks and, for those interested in casting a line, world class fly fishing. The angling on offer in California is magnificent, partly because of the sheer number of healthy fish that are waiting patiently to be caught, and partly because of the spectacular scenery that will engulf you wherever you fish throughout the state. As California covers such a vast expanse of land and spans many different climates, it can be difficult to know which of the many rivers to divide your precious time between. When it comes to fly fishing Californian rivers, the only thing that’s certain is that you won’t run out of places to visit. Some of our favorites are described below.

Local ReservoirsÂ
There are numerous choices for the lake fishermen one to two hours from the store. Most of these are best fished from a boat and rentals are available. During the winter and spring months planted Rainbows 10-18 inches will be the main focus. As the weather warms the Largemouth Bass and panfish will move into the shallow water and be the target species. The ideal outfits would be 9ft 5wt for trout/panfish and 9ft 8wt for the bass. Both floating and full sink lines are a must. Two lakes in particular, Castaic and Pyramid, also offer Striped Bass from spring into fall. Anglers need to cover water looking for fish boiling on shad or stocked trout. Most of the fish are 4lb-10lbs. with trophies to 20lbs. Fly Fishing California by Ken Hanley and Friends is a great reference for the visiting angler.

California Mountains and High Sierra Fly Fishing

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