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Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package


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Also, while beginner anglers still purchase the majority of fly fishing combination packages, combos aren't just for beginners. Intermediate and even expert anglers can now find combo packages that are well-suited for their fly fishing needs.

And that is where this guide to fly fishing combos comes in. The goal of this article is to introduce anglers to what a fly fishing combo is, explain their benefits and drawbacks, and to help anglers choose the right combo for their particular fishing needs.

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Exec Pack Fly
Exec Spin/Fly Pack
Fly Fishing Combo Kit
R2F Fly Fishing Combo

Crystal River Fly Fishing Combo Kit - 8' $22.07

These four items are what I call "essential fly fishing" equipment. These four items above are always found in a fly fishing combo since, without them, it is impossible to fly fish. Or to put it another way, the essential items of a fly fishing combo/outfit are what is needed to "make a cast" when fly fishing.

Of course, with that large selection of fly fishing combos to choose from, another problem presents itself. That problem is....what to get? And, just as importantly, making sure that buyers remorse doesn't set in a season after buying the combo package.