Fly Fishing Rapid Creek, Black Hills, South Dakota

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Fly Fishing Spring Creek (PA) 03/15/2014

Fall is a great time to fly fish Passage Creek so let’s begin our evaluation of this stream at this time and see the effective tactics and flies to use on through the winter, then we’ll look at the spring hatches and finally the summer tactics.

Fly fishing Fishing Creek isn't alway easy, especially when
it is introduced to someone new to the area. Fishing Creek
twist around and at one point it is headed back in the
opposite direction that it ran for miles. Another even
stranger thing about it is the fact that during the summer, it
runs underground in two different places along its length
and then reappears. That isn't at all bad. In fact it is good
because the stream reemerges with cool water. The entire
stream stays cool even during the hottest days of the
summer. The "Narrows" part of Fishing Creek may look like
any freestone stream (not a spring creek) in the East but if
you will notice, it always has a low layer of fog over it.

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Introducing TCO's Fly Fishing Valley Creek Preview!

Fly Fishing Spring Creek (Central PA) 03/22/2015

The often overlooked and seldom fly fished Brushy Creek can produce some of our most memorable days of fishing. This little creek runs right through the heart of Round Rock and in fact bears the city’s namesake, a large round rock anchored securely to the limestone creek bed. This rock was used as a landmark on the Chisholm Trail during the pioneer days. The iconic rock designated a safe place to ford the creek and even today the solid limestone streambed bears wagon wheel ruts of times past. Brushy Creek has a rich history and its future looks great considering the amount of park land and greenbelt that makes up its banks.

Lake Creek Alaska salmon runs kick off in early June with the arrival of king salmon. Kings are most prevalent between June 10 through the first week of July. By mid-July, the arrival of sockeye and pink salmon become the main fishing focus. Shortly thereafter, silver and chum salmon arrive in increasing numbers in late July and runs remain strong through the 3rd week of August. Fly fishing Lake Creek is fantastic and a great method of targeting all salmon species, rainbow trout and grayling. The nature of the river is what most fly fishermen envision when they dream about Alaskan rivers. The numerous channels, mid-stream gravel bars, braids, riffles, eddies and deep-water slots offers great wade fishing opportunities for the beginner and expert alike. Spin fishing is productive as well, particularly in the early stages of the salmon runs.