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These fly fishing feathers are wide and webby and come in just about every bright color dyed on white or grizzly. For pattern that include natural colors, you'll find those too. Check out bleached grizzly - that's a hot one!

Hi! I am new to all of this but I had heard that Blue Andelusians make good fly fishing feathers and that they are sought after. I have a blue andelusian and have recently gotten into fly fishing (just moved to colorado!) I wanted to know how to tie flies..and if anyone knew which feathers are best to use. ALSO..if I ever wanted to sell some feathers..how much could I get for selling some?

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Orvis Mallard Duck / Natural side 1/4 oz.
These fly fishing feathers have natural, barred, black-and-white feathers for nymph legs, tails, wing cases, or dry- and wet-fly wings. Lemon-dyed mallard flank imitates natural wood duck feathers, essential for Catskill-style drys, wets, and nymphs.

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ROYAL OAK (WWJ)– Whether you’re trying to channel your inner Pocahontas or just looking for a change — fly fishing feathers as hair accessories– are all the rage. WWJ stopped by one local salon to get up to speed on the new trend.

Fly fishing feathers — which individually are called hackles and as a group called saddles — are harvested from roosters painstakingly bred to grow supple feathers. It takes more than a year for a rooster to grow feathers long and pliable enough for use by fly fishermen. Because no one could have predicted the fashion trend, there are not enough to go around.