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Gin-Clear Media is a multi-national company based in Te Anau, New Zealand. The company was formed 7 years ago with a clear objective to create inspiring and beautiful fly fishing films and fill a niche in the market that was being largely ignored.

NICK Reygaert is a passionate film maker and angler who has gained recognition around the world for his fly fishing feature films. He is also the man behind the annual which is now in its ninth year and set to kick off in Australia this September.

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Fly Fishing Films – DVD & Streaming – Nice Videos

Recently, Nick Reygaert took time out from his busy filming and festival planning schedule to chat with Fishing World about film making, fishing and great fishing destinations.

FW: How did you first become involved in film making?

NR: I just fell into it really. I never went to film school or even read any books about film making. About a decade ago, I was sick of how bad fly fishing films were at the time. I kept waiting for someone to come along and start making good, adventure driven content. It never happened so I bought a video camera and decided to have a crack at it myself. During my travels I bumped into the Angling Exploration Group while they were filming Trout Bum Diaries, they needed an extra cameraman so I jumped in with them for a few months. Since then I have never looked back, one project led to another and the last decade has been a whirlwind of adventure and film making.

FW: Have you been inspired by other fishing film makers or more others in more mainstream film making?

NR: Over the last decade Gin-Clear Media has slowly evolved from a one man gig that only made fly fishing film to a boutique media house that takes on numerous projects including advertisements for corporate clients, aerial filming and motion graphics, although fly fishing films still remain our core business. So there is certainly scope to make fishing films beyond fly fishing but as yet no set plans.

FW: Of which of your films are you most proud?