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The thing with fishing on the drift is that one simply has to drop a team of nymphs overboard suspended beneath a hunk of bright coloured floating yarn (called an indicator), and then float over prospective water. It’s like flyfishing for dummies, just easier. When the indicator hesitates or dips, strike, just like I did as Zak and I were running a very for narrow glide on day four. The hook set into what felt like a lot of muscle, more muscle than there than there should have been for a smallmouth yellowfish, the usual suspect to snack on a Deep Nymph. But seeing the tip of my fly line doing a zigzag, I realized that I’d hooked a catfish. A six-weight fly rod is not designed to pull a catfish off the bottom where the entire Orange’s flow funnels through a gap a short cast wide. Imagine using your fly rod to pull your Kreepy Krauly off the bottom of the pool. Now imagine your pool is a thundering river. It sounds unlikely, but we won that tussle.

For the fly fisherman and woman of any age!
Don't let fly fishing be a drag. IDG Books Worldwide will get you hooked on this rewarding sport with its new book, FLY FISHING FOR DUMMIES by outdoors and fishing expert Peter Kaminsky. Kaminsky brings his extensive knowledge of fly fishing (writer for Outdoor Life, Field & Stream and Sports Afield) to help you with all aspects of this challenging, but relaxing, sport. Read about equipment tips and find out all you need to know to purchase the rod and reel setup that's right for you. Also covered are the essentials of the cast, from how to hold your fly rod to how fast and often you should reel in your line. If you want to fly fish, whether you are an occasional caster or a die hard fanatic, let FLY FISHING FOR DUMMIES be your only guide. As they say, "give a person a fish and feed him for a day; teach a person to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

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"Well–written and superbly organized, this book is a great primer."
Joe Healy, Saltwater Fly Fishing magazine 150+ illustrations will have you casting and catching in no time! The fun and easy way® to get hooked on fly fishing If you think fly fishing is only for tweedy uppercrust types, think again! With some basic gear and the help of this friendly guide, you too can experience the fun of casting a fly and reeling in a big rainbow trout. From buying a rod to finding the best fly fishing destinations, it delivers just what you need to get hooked. Praise for Fly Fishing For Dummies "It’s all here . . . from choosing gear, to learning how to cast, to reading water, to catching fish."
Jay Cassell, Sports Afield magazine "With relentless wit, Peter Kaminsky has peeled away all the mysticism, social tone, and other impediments to learning about this sport."
Paul Schullery, author of American Fly Fishing Discover how to:

"Fly Fishing For Dummies" explores the fun and fundamentals of fly fishing—from tying flies to reeling in your catch. Whether you're a novice or a veteran angler, here you? 8217;ll find all the tips and tricks for choosing the right kind of gear; how and where to catch freshwater and saltwater fish; visual examples of the art of casting; and how to read the water, wade, cast, and (finally) land yourself a whopper. You'll also find out how to: Identify the best fish to fly fish for—from rainbow trout to black marlin Improve your catch and release techniques Continue yo