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My favorite fishing on the planet is flyfishing for striped bass, period. I haven't fished for everything on the planet of course, but I've caught thousands of bonefish on fly, dozens of tarpon up to 150 pounds, tuna, sharks, barramundi, giant trevally and probably hundreds of "miscellaneous" species. I've spent hundred of days fly fishing the flats of the Florida Keys, spent months fishing for trout in New Zealand, made plenty of trips to Alaska, been to Christmas Island enough for the customs 'officials' to recognize me, fished the American West, the Bahamas, Central America, and plenty of places like the horribly polluted Hong Kong Harbor I'd rather forget (Hint: don't touch the water! Flyfishing not recommended here).

I don't say this to brag, but to give some perspective to my statement that "Flyfishing for Striped Bass is my favorite fishing on the planet."

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    I'll admit with 3 little kids I don't get to flyfish for stripers, or anything else, as often as I like to. The exotic trips are mere memories now. I no longer spend a month each fall on Marthas Vineyard throwing flies at striped bass. My biggest fishing thrill of the last year has been getting my 3 and 5 year old daughters to catch brook trout (stocked and somewhat tame) on worms in a nondescript trickle of water a mile from home.

    This section provides information about fly fishing for striped bass. Many of the baitfish the stripers are chasing are small, like silversides and sand eels, which are best imitated with saltwater flies.