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Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are designed to provide quality, affordable polarized eyewear. More than 45 styles and a variety of AcuTint™ Sunlens options are available, all offering uncompromising performance and value. Choose from three collections with "good-better-best" lens options. Good ...Action Angler Series Polarized Triacetate, Better ...Master Angler Series Polarized Polycarbonate, and Best ...Master Angler Series Ground and Polished Polarized Glass. Read about our !

Progressive Sunglasses for Fly Fishing: Progressive lenses for fly fishing are extremely popular as they allow you to both distance and up close without having to change your sunglasses. Progressive lenses are essentially lineless bifocals that gradually change from your distance prescription to your add power. If you currently wear bifocal or readers to see up close we highly recommend progressive lenses for fly fishing as they will allow you to use one pair of glasses to tie on your flies and spot fish. Most fly fishers who wear bifocals prefer progressive lenses but if you are looking for a traditional bifocal lens for your prescription fly fishing sunglasses we do have those options available in a limited number of frame styles and lens tints.

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These polarized fly fishing glasses put an end to fumbling back and forth between sunglasses and magnifiers. Our polarized magnifier glasses give you the best of both with a glare-free view and up-close detail when fly fishing requires it. Polycarbonate lens. Amber, gray. Magnifying power is 2.25x.

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I just had to stop by and say I love your product. Just recentlypurchased a pair of your flying fisherman sunglasses from an online dealer and I absolutely love everything about them. They look and feel great. Are made of quality materials and boy do they work. I feel blind at all times during the day when I am not wearing them. My wife was sweet enough to buy me this pair for my birthday and hopefully i can return the favor and get her a pair. Keep up the good work Flying Fisherman and I'll keep telling all my Air Force Co-Workers and Fellow fisherman how much better and fairly priced your glasses are than Costa Del Mars!SrA Terrell J. Cheeks - U.S. Air Force