A weekend of fly fishing on Hat Creek, Fall River and the Pit River.

The World-Famous Leland Fly Fishing Trucker Hat (Best Fly Fishing Hat Ever)


Fishpond Drake Adjustable Fly Fishing Hat Cap

As I became more steeped in the culture of fly fishing, I realized that any old hat would not do. I had to spend more money to wear something that made a statement. Obviously. I went to Orvis and bought a super-drab, tan and olive hat with a brook trout stitched on the front. The bill was a little long and the metal clasp on the back started to turn the back of my head green after a few months, but it was a legit fly fishing hat. I wore this all throughout high school and into college. It got gross from sweat, creek water, and whatever chemicals come off frosted tips. It was the 90’s, after all.

A fly fishing hat is an important accessory for every angler. They not only offer a fashion statement or show team pride, but protect you from harmful UV rays and driving rain. Happy fishing!

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    Getting the best fly fishing hats is a quite tough job if you don’t follow our article. Fl fishing is fun and addictive. As a result you need to get a fly fishing hat to protect yourself from the sun or may be from the wind.

    Not every normal hat can be used as fly fishing hat. Fly fishing hats are quite different than normal hats and thus it requires you to know the details before getting one.