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Allen Eagle River Lumbar Fishing Pack, Olive


Fishing Vests and Fly-Fishing Packs : Cabela's

Our inventory of Packs, backpacks, hip packs and waist packs includes many shapes, colors, and are called by many names, but we – as anglers, -- love to carry spare hooks, leaders, hook hones, water bottles, energy bars, lip balm, bunion sanders, and giant rolls of Duct Tape when we are on the water. We could stuff these in a paper sac (not a good idea if it rains), a plastic grocery bag (OK, but not very convenient), or reach for our favorite fly fishing fishing vest, hip pack, fanny pack, shoulder sling, Leather man-purse, or whatever. Some of us go to our fly fishing vest closet and select from our alphabetized array of always-loaded-for-bear fly fishing chest and fly fishing hip packs and fly fishing vests stored by season, species and so on.

Our pro-staff now includes youngsters who began fly fishing in an era when the Fly Fishing Chest pack and the Fly Fishing Hip pack were already well established. These young men and women bring innovation and new perspectives to our thinking and to our fishing skill sets and make us smarter and stronger because of their youth and clear thinking.

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