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Fly Fishing Idaho There is no denying that us frenziers like to throw some meat in the fall in search of nice browns. We venture out as much as time permits in hopes to get those turns, looks, or bumps that get the adrenaline pumping. Few things get me more excited out on the river […]

Fly Fishing Videos It is hard to completely capture in film the beauty, grandeur, and excitement of fly fishing Southeast Idaho, but Mac Rowdy (Marc Crapo) has successfully done just that. This 8 minute video will change your life. Or at the very least send chills down your spine as you soak in the […]

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Fly Fishing Idaho At some point in an angler’s journey, he/she pursues that trophy fish(es). To some it might be a very large fish that is awed by many fellow fisherman. To others, it might be the challenging specie that is difficult to convince to partake of your fly. Whatever your trophy is, we all […]

Fly Fishing Idaho My first in depth experience with fly fishing was on the Provo River in Utah. We used to Nymph fish the crap out of that place (along with most other fly fisherman in that area). And, we pulled some great fish out of that river nymphing. Nymph fly fishing is how I […]