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Umpqua Insta-Set Fly Fishing Strike Indicators

You could call them floats, indies, indicators or whatever you want, but definitely don’t call them bobbers! 🙂 Even though they are basically bobbers.. There are a lot of varieties on the market including some fairly new ones that have become the standard for most nymphing. Here I will go over the many styles and talk a little about what each type of fly fishing strike indicators are best for certain situations.

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Yarn O-Ring Fly Fishing Strike Indicators

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Angling Evolutions Fish Pimp Strike Indicator
Slip and Strike Indicators: Fly Fishing Strike IndicatorsHalf and Half Thingamabobber Strike Indicator

Fly Fishing Strike Indicator by Fish Pimp Co.

In all cases CorQs FlyFishing Strike Indicators have changed the equation; check out the table below to learn more about the types of flyfishing strike indicators and associated conditions.

After some long discussions about strike indicator fly fishing and wanting to create the perfect presentation for certain fly fishers and situations, I sat down with Bob, a dear friend and fly fishing guru. After offering me some interesting ideas about this, I went out and experimented, tweaked and came up with “The Bob B Mendicator System ”, a fly fishing indicator technique which has proven to be possibly the most effective way to use strike indicators since their creation. Notice I said indicators.