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Learn how to tie fly fishing knots with our easy to follow animated knot instructions and videos. If you like these fly fishing knot instructions, for all 21 fly fishing knots, plus fishing reports, casting instructions, fly identification, and much more.

This film shows how to tie 7 of the most popular fly fishing knots for attaching a fly to tippet material. Easy to see, and with clear directions, this is one of the best knot films out there.

In addition, each knot finishes with a laboratory test that breaks the knot under a controlled environment -illustrating the relevant strength of each knot.

All knots tested in this film were tied in a piece of 10lb RIO Steelhead/Salmon tippet material.

Tying Basic Fly Fishing Knots - A How to Guide

How to tie a series of simple strong secure fly fishing knots

Fly fishing knots. Includes knot-tying advice, diagrams, steps.

The Arbor knot is used to tie the backing to the reel. Of the different flyfishing knots, this is a very simple knot. It includes a couple of overhand knots with another at the end.

There are, of course, a great many fishing knots from which the fly angler can choose, many devised specifically for fly fishing, for securing the backing line to the fly reel; for attaching the fly line to the backing; for that all-important connection of leader to fly line; for the tying of a dropper where more than one fly is to be used; and for that most basic operation, tying the fly hook to the leader. There are the Arbor knot and Allbright knot; Nail knot and Needle knot; Blood knot and Water knot; Grinner knot and Uni knot; Surgeon's Loop and Perfection Loop; Clinch knot and Turle knot; Trilene knot and Palomar knot; Snell knot and Davy knot, and many more. Here I will describe the fly fishing knots which have served me well in more than forty years of salmon, sea trout and trout fly fishing, with clear instructions accompanied by step by step photographs and drawings. I have found them to be dependable and secure and, with a little practice, fairly easily tied.