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Fly fishing lanyards make for easy access to all of your fly fishing gadgets in one place. Fly fishing lanyards offer a great alternative to having...

This has dawned on me in recent years, possibly because I came to fly fishing from the opposite direction of most anglers. Many take up fly fishing later in life, when seeking a fresh experience. But from my early teens onward, I primarily fly fished in rivers, creeks and small lakes. When I broadened into conventional tackle and began exploring different kinds of waters in my 30s, I brought a fly angler’s mindset and skills with me. As it turns out, that was pretty useful. Here are a few of the ways that fly fishing can make you a better all-around angler.

How to Make Flies for Fly Fishing

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    When trying to convince people to try fly fishing, devotees usually argue that casting flies is more elegant or more challenging or some other variation on the idea that it’s good for you. To me, this makes fly fishing sound like the angling equivalent of eating kale or taking the stairs. But there’s another reason to try the long rod, and it’s one that appeals to every angler’s selfish side: learning to fly fish will make you a better all-around angler.