This video is about fly fishing for musky

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Fly Fishing for Muskie - Fly Fisherman

Paul Taylor made a short video of the weekend adventure titled , I think it does a great job documenting the beauty of the trip and the challenge of fly fishing for Musky.

Last but not least Bob White of (go figure). Bob says he is new at fly fishing for musky (not that I put any merit into that statement, because Bob has to be the most humble man I have ever met and would drop everything to help out a friend in need). Bob has guided in Alaska for twenty years. What else is there to say except that he has got some great stories about Alaska and his jokes are endless as well.

How To Fly Fish For Pike & Muskie -- Orvis

Fly Fishing for Musky on Lake St Clair
By Captain Steve Kunnath

As previously published in Michigan's Streamside Journal Spring 2006

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If you’re planning on going fly fishing for musky or any other toothy critters for the first time, I highly encourage you to read over these organized catch and release handling tips and gear recommendations. They’ll keep you and the fish safe, and you’ll greatly decrease the chances of ruining a great moment on the water like I did.

There are no registered fly fishing musky guides in Pennsylvania yet, but that will likely change soon, predicted Andy Shiels, deputy director of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and, as of last summer, a musky fly fisherman himself.