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Barbed Wired (Macduff Brooks Fly Fishing Mysteries) (Volume 7)


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“His writing is unique in a genre where books can very easily blend together. While they claim to be fly fishing mysteries, they are much more. They are human and emotional and poignant and totally original. His insight into human nature is evident on every page.”
Crimespree Magazine

For the avid fly fisherman who longs for the warm rays of sun on tumbling water, there is a growing group of writers who can help take the cold ache out of winter and add some substance to their daydreams of hours on the water. In my own pursuit of placating the winter doldrums, here are some fly fishing mystery writers who have wiled away the hours for me. In no particular order at all, for all you fly fishing gumshoes, here are some of my favorites.

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  • The Nail Knot (Fly Fishing mystery #1)

    David Leitz
    This is a creative series about Maxx Adams, a businessman whose fast paced lifestyle eroded his marriage and he found himself re-discovering his life as the owner of a Vermont Fishing Lodge. He revolves his mysteries around a fly fishing theme, never straying far. Someone is always turning up dead in his private stream, lake or is singled out for attack at his Lodge. He frequently is tying flies, teaching someone how to fly fish (and has good tips for the reader) talks about equipment, describes exciting landings of Brown and Brook Trout. It’s the real deal. Of all the books, his are probably the fishiest—meaning they deal more with fly fishing than the others. However his plots are a bit more predictable, the characters more stereotyped and the twists and turns less dramatic. Still, if you are a fly fishing mystery lover, there is enough entertainment and fly fishing banter to help wile away the cold weather fishing doldrums. He has written: Fly Fishing Corpse, Casting in Dead Water, Fly Fishing Can Be Fatal and Dying to Fish.

    For the past several years Special Collections has actively collected Fly Fishing mysteries, a little-known mystery fiction niche, but a growing one. Which is not at all unusual, since fly fishing is a rapidly expanding sport, and mystery readers number in the mid millions world-wide. We would like to believe that currently owning 27 unique titles gives us one of the largest collections anywhere, but we would be happy to be proved wrong. Discovering new reads is always a joy.