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SF Fly Fishing Landing Soft Rubber Mesh Trout Catch and Release Net With Magnetic Net Release Combo Kit A


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For the fly fisher wanting the ultimate premium flyfishing landing net, look to our Custom Shop and the widest selection of premium burled and fancy woods along with unique personalized design options to order your net.

The Vermilion Fishing Net introduces traditional style to the next generation. When it comes to hauling in that catch, a net is an essential tool for any serious fisherman. Designed for the fly fisherman (although it can be easily used for boat or canoe fishing), the Vermilion by Prestonmade is a true work of masterful art. Made 100% from local sustainable harvested Wisconsin Walnut (5 laminations of steam bent walnut, plus a solid walnut handle), make the Vermilion one tough beast perfectly suited for trophy trout, yet small enough to handle everything in between. Add on a fish friendly clear rubber net (removes less of the fish’s natural protective slime compared to typical nylon bags), allowing for faster release times and giving the fish a better chance to live another day. Prestonmade has handcrafted a timeless solid walnut fly fishing net, and if you’re lucky enough to purchase this prized net, you’ll have more than one thing to brag about this fishing season.

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    If you choose a , be sure to get one of high quality. Mesh nets that are knotted cause a high percentage of fish injuries. They tend to damage the fish scales and remove the mucus covering from the fish. Likewise, fish can become tangled in mesh fly fishing nets. That’s one big reason why they should never be used if you are practicing .

    The size of fly fishing net you will need depends on the size of fish that you plan to catch. For instance, if you only fly fish for panfish, a small fly fishing net will be fine. But if you plan to fish for or other large fish, then you will need a large fly fishing net.