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I started out learning how to fly fish by nymphing. I enjoy the challenge more…type of nymph to use…how much weight to use…where to cast and how to control the line. I also enjoy dry fly fishing but the simplicity (to me) of looking for fish feeding and determining what they are feeding on and casting a fly above the fish and allowing the current to carry it over the fish and waiting for a strike seems a bit simplistic, although I enjoy it when the hatches are on and the fish are hungry. I also enjoy using a indicator.

I know it is fun to watch a nice rainbow rise to your dryfly, but you need to learn the fine art of fly fishing nymphs so your successrate can improve. After all they do make up a major part of a trout’s diet andthey are in the water year round.

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Orvis Bead Head Zug Bug
The Zug Bug ranks right up there with the best fly fishing nymphs in the game and this bead head version has the advantage of getting down quickly. Not only is this a great nymph, but also can be fished like a wet fly on the swing with good result. According to one of our customers, this is a killer carp nymph to fly fish with for all you carp fanatics. Color, Multi. Sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18.

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Fly fishing with nymph imitations is an extremely effective way to catch trout. Nymph fishing also give the fly-fisherman another way to fish for trout when dry fly fishing is not effective.