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Booms Fishing X1 Aluminum Fishing Pliers Resistant Saltwater for Cutting Braid Line and Remove Hooks or Lure with Coiled Lanyard and Belt Holder Sheath 6 Color Available


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We have a great selection of the best fly fishing pliers in the business. These fly fishing pliers are a must on slatwater fly fishing trips and also work well whenever you are fly fishing freshwater too.

Colorful multi-purpose aluminum fly fishing pliers FPG16 Speciallydesign for fly fishing anglers. Basing its lightweight and colorfulmulti-purpose aluminum fishing pliers. They are made from analuminum alloy that is heat-treated and cut from CNC machine toprecise to tolerance. The plier are spring-loaded and thereplaceable tungsten carbide cutters have hardness of 70+HRC whichallows them to easily cut braided line and mono. 1. This fishingpliers is completely made from aluminum alloy, heat-treated and cutfrom a CNC machine to precise tolerances. 2. Comes with split ringopener that is ideal for small split rings. 3. Replaceable tungstencarbide cutter with a hardness of 70+ HRC. Easily cut braided lineand mono. 4. Super lightweight: 65g 5. Never rust even used inharsh saltwater environment. 6. Anodized for multiple colours(available in red, blue, light green, dark green, silver,gun-smoke, gold and black etc). 7. Size: 4.5", fits well in yourhand. Distributors wanted worldwide Be part of our plans to be theworld’s No.1 suppliers of fishing pliers. OEM partners also welcomeDiscover how our world-class service can help your business

Fly Fishing Pliers for the Freshwater and Saltwater Angler.

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