Fly Fishing The Rio Grande in New Mexico

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Fly fishing the Rio Pueblo in northern New Mexico

The techniques, fly fishing strategies and tactics you
use to catch trout on the Rio Grande River varies
greatly with the section of the river you are fishing. It
has a very diverse range of water types ranging from
smooth flowing, slick water pools to deep runs and
riffles. Much of the water consist of heavy pocket
water. To be consistently successful fly fishing the Rio
Grande you have to be able to use a great variety of
methods selected for the type of water your fishing as
well as the species of trout you are pursuing. Trout
can range from being highly selective to quite
optimistic feeders.

07/22/16 Conditions for fly fishing the Rio Grande are as good as they get. The uppermost
headwaters, middle river and lowest section to the New Mexico state line are all in good shape.
There are a lot of insects hatching but vary some with the section of water you are fishing.
There are lots of stoneflies, Goldens and little Yellows, Pale morning duns, tricos, Yellow
Quills, Spotted sedges, Green sedges and more.

Fly Fishing the Rio Grande near Creede Co

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