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That is not the case for choosing the best fly fishing rods for the money, as they are usually 6 to 10 feet long. When fly fishing, the angler is attempting to gently touch a lightweight lure to the surface of the water. Having a longer rod allows the fishermen to “reach” out farther, helping him achieve the back-and-forth casting motion that fly fishing .

Manufacturers do not make discount fly fishing rods. They make rods that are sold to retailers who then have the choice of re-selling them at retail prices or selling them at reduced prices as discount fly fishing rods.

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Fly Fishing rods are designed to cast an imitation/artificial fly, usually consisting of a hook tied with various materials like foam or fur, etc. Way,way back in ancient times fly rods were made of yew, green hart, and later split bambooTonkin cane - being the primo cane from the Tonkin region of China.

Today, most modern fly rods are either hand-constructed from bamboo or manufactured from man-made composite materials, including fiberglass, graphite, or graphite mixed with other composites such as boron or titanium.

Please bear in mind that we sell discount fly fishing rods, not poor quality rods at a discount. We want happy fly fishermen. The last point is why all our discount fly fishing rods have a money back guarantee. If you are happy with your purchase, great. If not, return it for another or your money back.