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I just had to stop by and say I love your product. Just recentlypurchased a pair of your flying fisherman sunglasses from an online dealer and I absolutely love everything about them. They look and feel great. Are made of quality materials and boy do they work. I feel blind at all times during the day when I am not wearing them. My wife was sweet enough to buy me this pair for my birthday and hopefully i can return the favor and get her a pair. Keep up the good work Flying Fisherman and I'll keep telling all my Air Force Co-Workers and Fellow fisherman how much better and fairly priced your glasses are than Costa Del Mars!SrA Terrell J. Cheeks - U.S. Air Force

I've been looking for some affordable, state of the art fly fishing sunglasses that aren't just technically superior but aesthetically gorgeous. I found them at Costa del Mar; the in Coral. I was drawn to Costa because I've seen them around on other sportsmen on the ski slopes, bike trails, and of course, on the river. I now understand that they are so popular not just because they look good but because of the three claims to fame for Costa: Perform, Protect, and Explore. I took these platforms to test in a real world expedition carp fishing on the Colorado river.

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Carping is "Sight Fishing" and requires a clear view of your target, that you cast exactly in front of the target's big baby lips, and set the hook at the precise moment the fish sucks in the fly. Success depends on skill, timing, a little luck, and keen sight. The former attributes can be practiced but the only way to have keen sight is to have kickas* fly fishing sunglasses. To break it down:

A good pair of polarizing sunglasses is essential equipment for the successful fly fisherman. Just like the fly rod, reel and and fly box, they're a necessity - not an accessory! The ability to see through the glare from the water allows you to see below the surface, and not only lets you see fish, but also lets you clearly see the holding areas and structures that attract fish. Following are Norm's recommendations for fly fishing sunglasses: