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Fly fishing Tampa Bay, Anna Maria Island, and Homosassa has been great the past few weeks. Cool weather has finally settled in and the sight fishing on fly is heating […]

- Fly fishing Tampa Florida has been great over the past month. Fall has finally settled in and the fish are feeling it. Fly anglers fishing the Tampa Bay area are catching a good variety of species right now. Snook, big jacks, big mackerel, and late s

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What's Biting Now

Whether its tarpon rolling, snook exploding, or tailing redfish; find out everything you ever wanted to know about the fish of Tampa Bay including What’s Biting Now and How To Catch Them

All About Flies

"You are what you eat" goes for fish, too. Because they simulate real “fish food,” well-crafted flies are important to luring fish. Learn more about flies here.

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The Fisherman's View

From the rivers to the open Gulf, the waters of the Tampa Bay Area offer a vast and rich supply of fish. Learn more about fresh and saltwater fly fishing in Tampa Bay here.


fly fishing tampa bay has been great so far this

Fall fly fishing tampa bay is creeping up on us. We are able to target almost any inshore or nearshore species we have with a fly. Many of these fish […]

The winds have settled down a bit and fly fishing Tampa bay is going strong. Good numbers of redfish and snook are showing up in skinny water providing some great sight fishing. The fish have been over clear sandy bottom and eating a well presented fly. We even had a few cobia cruising around and managed to sight fish them with top water flies. I would expect the action to continue as we get into the cooler months. So when the snow starts falling and you want to go fly fishing, just remember we'll be throwing flies all winter long on the beautiful flats and marshes in our area. Thanks!