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Flies are a deep topic, with every angler having "the best" fly fishing advice. There are so many fly fishing tips and ideas because fly fishing techniques are constantly evolving.

Dry fly fishing techniques are what most people think of when they picture fly fishing. It is a technique limited to the surface. Some anglers will only dry-fly fish because it is more challenging and therefore more rewarding to make a catch.

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    Weedy Places
    Around here, bass live in weedy places. Call it structure if you must, but most of us would call it a four letter word after your first three casts get hung. Usually a fly fishing casting technique (accuracy to the inch) is the suggested solution, but usually these guys don’t fish here. They don’t understand that I meant to cast in the weeds. Perhaps that is why conventional tackle fishermen get frustrated with a fly rod, and why many trout fishermen never learn to fly fish for Bass. What follows is a technique & equipment strategy. Be equipped to cast monster flies into difficult places…in other words, what bass like to eat, and where they like to eat it.

    Essentially each of these methods is considered a tight-line fly fishing technique and they are all included in what is considered to be European nymphing. You remove the awkward strike indicator, replace it with a colored monofilament sighter, and create a direct connection to your fly.