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Llano River Fly Fishing - Texas Flyfishing - Llano River

Northwest of San Antonio, the Llano River is popular with fly fishermen. The Llano River starts above the town of Telegraph and flows northeast 125 miles to the Colorado River confluence. Once the Llano River reaches Llano County the amount of sand and small stones increases in the river and helps filter the water, resulting in very clear and clean water in the lower portion of the river. The number of river access points along the Llano River in Llano County is similar to those in Mason County but the addition of the sand bars and granite rock gardens makes wade fishing on this section of river more practical. When fly fishing the Llano River, you can expect to find smallmouth bass, Guadalupe bass, largemouth bass, white bass and perch.

The best time of year for fly fishing on the Llano River is either the Spring months of March through May or the Fall months of October through Novermber.

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Fly Fishing the Llano River

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We spread out and started probing different spots that might yield fish. Fly fishing the Llano River is like that in these sections that thread out hundreds of yards wide. You never really know from day to day what the pattern is until you start trying likely areas. Once you start catching them you can determine the pattern and focus your efforts on spots that match.