You are going to love this fly fishing vest backpack.

You are going to love this fly fishing vest backpack.

Maxcatch Fly Fishing Backpack Adjustable Size Mesh Fishing Vest Pack


Fishing Vests and Fly-Fishing Packs : Cabela's

Every year, Fishpond has introduced new products or improved on older ones. Our Fishpond sales grew. After the early tool and accessory phase came chestpacks and lumbar packs. They were always of the highest quality. Everyone loved the color choices. Fly fishing vests and backpacks were next. We liked the fact that their vests and packs were adjustable. We only had to stock one size. They only came in one size. And, one size fits most.

A fly fishing vest and backpack all in one. Can be worn as a vest/pack or individually as a vest or backpack. One size fits most with adjustable shoulder and waist straps. Plenty of pockets to hold a full days worth of gear including a lunch.

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  • I like a using a combination fly fishing vest backpack.  I’ve tried just a vest or bag in the past, but always come back to the combo.  I can carry all the essential gear with ease.
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