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We are a fully licensed, professional outfitter providing you with high quality services. Our Fly Fishing Guides West Virginia are natural teachers very much in tune with the environment, and they love what they do! Guided wading trips can be arranged depending on water levels. Call or email us for a quote. For Fishing Near Elkins WV, we are located in the beautiful Monongahela National Forest and are the best outfitter and West Virginia Fishing school in the region. If you have a special request, large group or corporate outings, please call us for some suggestions.

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    Ask any honest angler what’s the most important element of his fishing gear and he’ll likely mention the obvious – his rod/reel rig and his tackle. Ask him to go one step beyond the obvious and he’ll probably name his waders. Sometimes it’s just impossible to cast the perfect fly without walking right on into the water,sometimes chest deep. And, when fly fishing in West Virginia, that water is often freshly melted snow.