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We brew a wide range of beers, from Belgian styles to IPAs to barrel aged to various specialty styles. The key word to describe all Flying Fish beers is “balance.” The beers are full-flavored, yet highly drinkable. Flavors harmonize, not fight for individual attention. Hopping is generous, but to style. Seeing beer as equal to, if not superior to, wine, our beers are designed to complement food. Because of this effort, one can walk into any fine restaurant in distribution area and be pretty sure of finding a Flying Fish beer available. Flying Fish beers are eight-time medal winners at the Great American Beer Festival, the most of any New Jersey brewery.

The new product, which is a first for the South African beer category and aimed at both males and females, is intended to provide both men and women with a unique and refreshing taste experience perfect for that ‘chilled occasion.’ Flying Fish flavoured beer is available in both Crushed Orange and Pressed Lemon, and intends to stay true to its proposition of adding some flavour to young adults looking for something different.

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Flying Fish beers take their inspiration from the nearby Atlantic Ocean, Delaware Bay, and Delaware River. Gene focuses on crafting fresh, full-flavored, well balanced beers with generous hopping and harmonized flavors. His Flying Fish beers are also designed to complement food, which is why many of the brewery’s offerings are available in fine restaurants nearby.

Attendees were warmly welcomed with 440ml cans of free Flying fish beer from Swaziland Beverages and the VIP section had a private bar and food for VIP ticket holders.