brand new never been used fly fishing rod. mint condition in case

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If your fly fishing rod has metal ferrules, clean with a damp flannel cloth or cotton swab. It’s a good idea to lubricate metal ferrules with a small amount of sewing machine oil frequently.

on your fly fishing rod. (You should actually do as part of your routine maintenance, in order to prevent sticking and allow the sections to be put together and taken apart without a lot of hassle.)

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Most tend to be lightweight and compact, since it’s a stripped-down, minimalist take on fly fishing that puts the focus on the activity, rather than the equipment. The Pocket Fly Fishing Rod, though, takes compact to a whole new level, with a rig that can collapse into a tube you can literally carry in your pocket.

The Pocket Fly Fishing Rod comes in two models: the Mini Sawtooth and the Mini Teton. The former is a 9-foot rod designed for catching fish 14 inches and under, with the latter measuring a longer 12 feet for handling medium-sized fish. Both fit in similarly-sized 10-inch tubes (along with the line) when not in use, weighing just 1.1 oz and 1.9 oz, respectively, making them ideal for bringing to those mountain streams and lakes hiding in more secluded locations.