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Frenzy BFF-GLU Ballistic Flying Fish


Annual Oyster Frenzy at Flying Fish Restaurant in Seattle

When we're moving/trolling, we pull a couple of the Frenzy Flying Fish waaaaaay back, as they don't seem to be effective any closer. That's been my experience anyway.

Well one of the things we do when trolling is to keep the boat waaaay away from the fish as the boat will send them down in a heartbeat. We stay way away and try to get the lures - whatever lures we are pulling, to run along the edge of wherever we see fish working. We have a couple of dark colored squid-like Sevenstrand rubber lures that are weighted inside with lead that are also pulled waaaay back along with the Frenzy Flying Fish. Sometimes the tuna will hit the Frenzy flying Fish on top, and sometimes they will bite the the squids. Don't have much experience with tuna around weedlines. I think with trolling, one of the secrets is having the lures positioned way back - in water that is clear of any prop wash - and that's tough with an outboard boat as your prop wash goes waaaaay back. Yes, distance makes a difference here too, especially on big fish.

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Went on a 60 hr out of Port Aransas texas the Frenzy fly fish tore the yellowfin up tried every top water lure i had the fish didnt touch them.a friend gave me a frenzy flying fish in the blue and silver every cast! Blackfin and Yellowfin was awsome!
Rating: Haven't Caught Anything

CharkBait gives many interesting uses of the frezy flying fish lure, and I was hoping to hear any details concerning (un)successful accounts of the lures actual use under whatever circumstances.