frozen seasoned flying fish roe

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Can you buy frozen flying fish at the airport in Bridgetown.

Frozen Salted flying fish roe Taiwan origin is the best in quality and sustainability. It gives the best yield and presentation. Among all the Frozen Salted flying fish roe, Taiwan origin roeis the best in quality, cleanessand sustainability

Frozen flying fish roeOrigin: Fujian ChinaPacking: 16kgs/ctn Frozen flying fish roeColor: Golden, Green, Black, Red, OriginPacking: 16kgs/ctn, 900ctns/20"RF

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    US $1 - 30 / Kiloampere
  • Can you buy frozen flying fish at the airport in Bridgetown.

    Flying Fish Roe, Salted We have flying fish roe available! Our offer is as follow:Product: Frozen Salted Flying Fish RoeScientific name Cypselurus heterurus Presentation: Block 10 Kgs plus 1kg of salt / Master 10 Kgs Price US$ 7

    Cou cou and flying fish are a staple on the island, a nation that has long dubbed itself “The Land of Flying Fish’’ (cou cou, cornmeal and okra, is the classic accompaniment to the fish). The cou cou is topped by a spicy stock made from flying fish heads, okra, ketchup, olive oil, and various herbs and spices. The flying fish fillets are battered, breaded, and fried, providing a crisp and delicate complement to the thick cornmeal and spicy stock.