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Get Started Fly-Fishing!


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It pains me that I can’t take a few days for each person who’s interested. It’s just not possible. So this blog post is an effort to at least answer the first question I so often get: “How do I get started in fly fishing?

Getting started in fly fishing can seem like a daunting proposition but it does not have to be. With some basic quality gear and a few demos of the basic cast you will be on your way. Take a look as this Ford Outfitter shows what the basics are to kick-off this outdoors passion.

Want to Get Started In Fly Fishing

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Getting Started Fly Fishing | Outdoor Channel

That brings me back to where I started, what do you really need to get started fly fishing? Not very much at all. Scientific Angler puts out a starter kit that comes complete with everything you need, even a video. The quality of the rod, reel and line is above average and that makes getting off the ground a little easier.

The reel is the one thing you’ll use for years, or until you meet one you like better. Be sure that the reel you choose has the ability to hold the line you have picked and that it will take extra spools when your ready for them. After you get started fly fishing and you’re a little more confident and then think you have it all dialed in, pop for the $250 dollar rod and the $95 dollar line. Then you have something to show them to the neighbors.