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According to blog reader Rob Perkins “You don’t necessarily have to have beautiful flies in order to catch Silvers and Tuna on the Oregon Coast. I had an absolute blast and am totally hooked on saltwater fly fishing, I’m just bummed that it has come to an end already and I’m having a tough time switching gears to Steelhead and other great pursuits that we are so fortunate to have here in the NW.”

The last session, my father got me a guide, his name was Mario. I learned so much from him on this day, we were fishing Parksgate. He taught me different casting techniques, how to read pockets of water, what to look for and showed me how to find what the fish were feeding on. According to my records kept, I caught 4 fish (1 Brown and 3 Rainbows), but I lost 20 fish or so due to various flaws in my fly fishing technique. All I know is when I got off the water that day, I felt like I was on top of the World… And that’s how I got hooked on fly fishing.

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During her dalliance with the Duke of Westminster, the greatest fashion designer of them all became passingly hooked on fly fishing. Coco Chanel apparently enjoyed real success with the salmon during an expedition to the river Alta in Norway. Chanel herself might well have relished the authentic output of Orvis just as much as the narrow culottes of Victoria Beckham.