Fish Before You Fly Intro to Fly-Fishing on the Road.

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Intro to Fly Fishing - Campus Recreation

Dave from Go Fly Fishing UK gives you a brief introduction to fly fishing rods and reels and tells you the difference between trout rods and salmon rods.

These pictures were taken at Alton Baker Park during the casting section of the Caddis Fly Shop’s Introduction to Fly Fishing Class. Last weekend’s class braved the elements at to learn from instructor Steve Baker. Steve has been the shop’s instructor for about the last 15 years, his day job is public relations with .

Intro to Fly Fishing - Tracewski Fishing Adventures

Intro to Fly Fishing - Peninsula Outfitters

The Caddis Shop’s Introduction To Fly Fishing Class is a bargain at $55 (equipment included)for classroom work and casting practice on water. Check out our and sign up now.

Hello, my wife and I would like to sign up for an intro to fly fishing class in the July class. Please let me know if spots are available, if not we would consider the classes offered in August or September. Thank you for your time . -Eddie