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Of the four major types of leaders on the market, the is by far the most common, with Fluorocarbon claiming second followed by braided and then furled. Today’s pre-drawn mono leaders are leaps and bounds ahead of previous mono leaders. They are strong, well designed with quality tapers, and are even starting to specialize. You will find leaders meant just for nymph fishing, leaders for dry fly fishing and everything in between.

There are fisher folks that use a simple saltwater leader for fly fishing. If they are comfortable with 20lb test, they put eight or ten feet of 20lb test onto the fly line with a small loop knot (a perfection loop knot for both loops) and tie that to their fly. It works okay when you are fishing for very hungry and cooperative fish, for instance, Mackerel, Jack, or Lady fish in open water. But try catching Snook or Steelhead in clear waters with one leader and you will fall short. That’s where tapers come into play to present and work the fly effectively.

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  • When you purchase from Cutthroat you will receive a real hand crafted UNI thread furled leader used for fly fishing applications. Many professional anglers also refer to our product as a uni-thread braided leader. Each of our furled fly fishing leaders are made by hand to exact standards. The useage of furled thread or braided fly fishing leaders has long been overlooked by many fly fisherman but has had a resurgance as of late. Hand furled leaders have been documented being used in Europe and Japan dating as far back as 250 years ago. In many instances the dated furled braided leaders were made out of horsehair or fine silk for material. Now, with the advancement of synthetic thread or UNI thread, we have developed a true and accurate furled fly fishing leader that is made with modern material's combined with age old technique and sequences. We are proud to offer a unconditional money back guarantee on any of our leaders if you are not 100% satisfied. When you order a furled leader from us you know it will be the best because we stand behind each of them we make. For a new experience on the water at the price of a few gallons of gas, Try a Cutthroat Furled Leader Today!
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