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Learn to Fly Fish on Sat or Sun for £28 including tackle and 1 fish, for more details ring fishery owner Abigail for more information or pick up one of our blue leaflets from our or the fishery.

The four hour guided walk in trip is just like it sounds. Instead of float fishing in a boat, like most of our guided trips, here you walk along or into the river or creek with a guide. This trip includes everything you’ll need except a fishing license, flies for the day and maybe a leader or two. Due to guided fishing regulations, we are only able to guide on a certain stretch of the Snake River near town and Flat Creek. This is a perfect way to learn to fly fish. Your guide will have a lot of time to work with you and concentrate on learning.

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    As a , I have the opportunity to see people learning to fly fish every day over and over again. One thing I noticed that is ironic is that lots of people hire me to guide them and then refuse to listen. I mean really listen. They insist that what they know (which is very limited, due to their inexperience) is the right or only way. I am only pointing this out because I am sure in a way we are all a little too hard headed in areas that we do not have any expertise.

    In a steady motion, the young students waved their fishing rods back and forth. With trout season open and summer right around the corner, they were learning how to fly fish.